If you wish to acquire Spanish nationality but have doubts regarding the process to follow, do not miss our next article.

In Spain there are common requirements to be fulfilled for acquiring Spanish nationality with full legal validity, requirements without which such acquisition will not take place. Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella provide you with information on the common requirements for such acquisition.


Common requirements for acquiring Spanish nationality


How to acquire Spanish nationality

The Spanish nationality can be acquired by different means, as stated in the Spanish law. In this regard, Spanish nationality can be acquired by birth, adoption, option, naturalisation and exceptional circumstances, always according to the discretionary criteria of the government by means of a Royal Decree. It is also acquired by legal residence in Spain under the terms established by law.


Once the events that originate the right have occurred and, prior to acquisition, the interested party must appear at the public administration to carry out a series of actions for the acquisition of this nationality, without which it will not be acquired.


If you are interested and wish to keep reading about the common requirements for acquiring Spanish nationality, keep reading here.


Therefore, if you have initiated or wish to initiate a procedure for acquiring Spanish nationality, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. At Welex, lawyers and accountants in Spain, a lawyer expert in nationalities will assist you.

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